7 Features To Look For Before Booking A Hotel For Business Purpose

If you are staying in one of the best hotels in Brisbane that caters to the specific needs and hectic schedules of business travellers, it makes doing deals on the go much easier. From the rise of tech-savvy amenities to incorporating innovative services, here are 7 features you should look for before booking your next business hotel.

  1. Location

 The first thing that you should look out for when booking a business hotel is the location. Obviously you don’t to get stuck in peak hour traffic as you booked a room on the wrong side of the town. Check out the rooms of Amelia Hotel, you will definitely love it.

  1. Wi-Fi

It is the must have for any hotel hoping to draw business travelers. With so much work to be done, it’s imperative that the guests are able to log-on in their rooms. Hotels across Brisbane are catching on to the important presence of Wi-Fi and also offering in-room access.  

  1. Outlets galore

There is nothing more frustrating than waling into the room and having to scour the walls for an outlet just to find that you have to sacrifice the bedside lamp to top up your mobile battery. The business friendly hotels are offering more power outlets. Some even provide adapters for overseas guests.

  1. Work desk

Work desks have been a staple of the standard room but now hotels are revamping this in-room space. It common to find desks with an increase in surrounding space and providing a comfortable spot to finish off the work. Ergonomic designs with office style chairs are replacing the old furniture. The tech savvy additions can also include power panels and docking stations and USB ports for your gadgets.

  1. Business centre

Many guests prefer not to work in their rooms. They would like to enter a hotel business centre. A good business hotel will offer a 24-hour business center with comfortable seating, online access and other services.

  1. Fitness centre

A sound mind and body is the best way to reduce stress which is why fitness routine should always be on your list. It is true especially for international travelers.  So, a 24-hour fitness facilities are a must for business travellers to stay fit and healthy while adhering to the demands of a busy schedule. May be not fully equipped, but at least basic machines and a pool should be accounted for. 

  1. Communal spaces

Stuffy hotel lobbies are a thing of a past. But now the hotels encourage the guests to hang out.  It is made to meet the expectations of younger generations. These communal spaces are also great for business travellers. It not only provides a change in the scenery, but if you had to get your work done, they can be a great networking spots where you can chat with like-minded travellers.

At Amelia Hotel, we ensure that our guests get the best experience staying at our hotel rooms.  We have a very friendly atmosphere where you can settle in without any hindrance.

7 Features To Look For Before Booking A Hotel For Business Purpose