Mistakes You Should Avoid When Serving Guests In A Hotel

The hotel industry has come a long way from bookings being driven, travel agents to bookings now being done online. Now the guests have expectations according to the hotel reviews and reputation posted at sites. Guest satisfaction has the most crucial component of the hospitality industry. Managing the guests’ conflicts is one of the important challenges that every Brisbane hotel should be prepared to take on. Here are some don’ts that hotel should be wary while serving the guests. These are important when it comes to increase guest satisfaction and to keep the conflicts away.

1. Don’t oversell your brand

When you are serving guests, managing expectations is an important task. They come to your hotel with some expectations of value, quality and service your business will provide. The main reason behind guests’ conflicts is expectations not being fulfilled by the hotel.

Don’t oversell your brand. To maintain high levels of guest satisfaction, keep in mind to set realistic expectations of the service you provide. Make sure the expectations you set about the hotel on your website, make accurately reflect the quality of service that you can deliver actually.

2.Adequate support and training

Another reason for guest conflicts is inadequate or poor staff training. The management should provide the employees with protocols, guidelines and adequate training they need to resolve the issues as efficiently and quickly as possible. By setting up regular evaluations, staff performance, training modules, and workshops, it is possible to check to issue recurrence and increase guest satisfaction to a significant level.

3. Pay attention to needs and wants

Many people are reasonable with their complaints. They don’t expect much and also understand that mistakes can happen. They just want you to pay attention to their complaints and make sure that the problem is resolved within a reasonable time. So one of the aspects to avoid guest conflicts is to pay attention to what the guests want. An audacious and impatient workforce can cause irreparable damage to the hotel’s reputation. Any issue like this can stop from recurring and showcase the hotel’s commitment and goodwill towards complaints resolution.

4. Avoid angering guests 

Usually, the complaints are less about the problems and more about how they have handled them after it was brought to their attention. The psychological cues that staffs intentionally or unintentionally exhibit that renders the guest angry. Keep in mind that while dealing with the guests is that the more emotional guests become, the difficult it is to be with reasonable with them. So, show them that you care by establishing eye contact, using open body language and make sure that surroundings are professional and tidy. You have to anticipate what can drive your guests angry and work accordingly to avoid triggering the guests to increase guests’ satisfaction to an optimal level.

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Mistakes You Should Avoid When Serving Guests In A Hotel